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Miscellaneous Businesses

  1. Supreme Gospel Entertainment & Ministries
    PO Box 26399
    Philadelphia, PA 19141
    Contact: Sherri Y. Johnson
    Title: President
    Phone: 215.843.3355
    Fax: 215.843.8666
    Posted February 20, 2002

  2. Vita Saana School of Afrikan Martial Arts
    2201 N. Broad St
    Philadelphia, PA 19121
    United States
    Contact: Mwanzo Umeme Mpingo (J.C.)
    Title: Founder & Head Instructor
    Phone: 215-414-7905
    Posted October 30, 2001

  3. Nana's Apartments
    318 E. Young Avenue
    Wildwood, NJ 08260
    Contact: Uyvonne Bigham
    Title: Owner
    Phone: 609-522-1781
    Fax: 215-639-9679


    Nana's Apartments are located 1/2 block from the beach and broadwalk in Wildwood, New Jersey. We are also in walking distance of major attractions like Morey's Piers (amusement park) and the Wildwood Convention Center. Casino busses pick up at the door for Atlantic City day trips. All apartments feature full kitchens and private baths. Perfect for small family reunions, retreats or just a family getaway. Clean, well maintained and resonably priced from $400/week. Seasonal rentals only.
    Posted August 29, 2001

  4. Joan Roberts
    313 E. Main Street
    Newark , DE 19711
    Contact: Joan Roberts
    Title: Housing Coordinator
    Phone: 302-366-0826
    Fax: 302-366-8212
    Posted August 29, 2001

  5. Center for Research, Training and Program Development
    626 W. Rittenhouse Street
    Philadelphia , PA 19144
    Contact: Charlynn Doumbia
    Title: Director
    Phone: 215-991-5913
    Fax: 215-848-5694


    The Center for Research, Training and Program Development is a non-profit organization engaged in providing a wide range of management research and developmental services to government, industry and non-profit organizations. CRTPD is designed to be responsive to the increasing demands for specialized expertise. Skilled personnel provide CRTPD with the capability and experience to offer our clients a diverse range of high quality services.
    Posted June 22, 1999

  6. XanDesigns WebDevelopment
    P.O. Box 58822
    Philadelphia. PA 19102
    Contact: Xanda
    Title: C.E.O.
    Phone: (215)868-3973
    Posted January 15, 1999

  7. Freedom Finders
    20 East Paul Avenue
    Trenton, NJ 08638
    Reginald Miller
    Title: CEO
    Phone: 609-695-4933


    How did a former New York city Transit Authority worker find the keys to freedom and happiness while earning a six-figure income? The answer is NETWORK MARKETING!!!! What if, without changing anything you're doing today, you could earn a lifelong and continuous income that comes to you every single month, year after year? Would that make a difference in your lifestyle?
    Posted November 22, 1998

  8. WFM Business Management Services, Inc.
    P.O. Box 3002
    West Chester, PA 19381-3002
    Contact: Chester Muhammad
    Title: CEO/President
    Phone: 610-436-6886
    Fax: 610-436-8670


    WFM Business Management Services, Inc. (BMSI) is a business consulting company that provides a variety of business services and enhancements. Our services will provide you with successful business strategies in managing money; business planning; marketing; tax strategies; and computer business solutions designed to make your business a qualified success.
    Posted September 1, 1997

    8432 Lyons Place
    Philadelphia, Pa 19153
    Phone: 215-365-6055

    Contact: Nina Perry-Bryan

P.O. Box 42792
Philadelphia, PA. 19101
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