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Links Page

This is BlackPhilly's list of useful and interesting links. Suggestions are welcome. Happy surfing!!

  1. A visit to Goree
  2. Africa Online is Africa's gateway to the Internet. The service chronicles the daily lives of African communities with daily news reports by local African news networks, and from various NGOs. The broader service features Home Pages for various African countries, interest groups and individuals, on-line reference materials, music, art and cultural exchanges, travel information and a kids educational section.
  3. Stamp on Black History A web page about Blacks honored by the US Post Office.
  4. Listing of Black-owned Banks Prepared by Creative Investment Research
  5. BLACKWORLD A fast growing International Web directory embracing websites all over the world with special emphasis on Hotel & Catering, International Travel and Business Resources all over the world (Check out BlackAmerica's Listing)
  6. INTER*NETwork Exchange (BlackAmerica is listed here also)
  7. The Coalition of African American Cultural Organizations (CAACO)
  8. Bare Bones Guide to HTML
  9. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Homes and Communities Page
  10. Philly Online("The Inquirer" and "Daily News")
  11. Net Search....Lot's of search engines from Netscape.
  12. NetNoir Online
  13. The Virtual Hospital
  14. The Department of Energy
  15. FREE Access to the Commerce Business Daily, FACNET, Government Regulations, Databases, Contractors, and Much More
  16. Mapquest - Maps for Everywhere

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